Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD - Care and Education for Children Under 5 “Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” David Everett 1769 – 1813
Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD - Care and Education for Children Under 5 “Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” David Everett 1769 – 1813

Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

Self evaluation is an excellent way to monitoring practice. It helps us consider how best to create, maintain and improve our setting so that it meets the highest standards and offers the best experience for young children. Early years self-evaluation helps us to evaluate our practice against the judgements that Ofsted inspectors make. We have set ourselves the following priorities for further development.

Improvements we have made to our building


Section 1. Our setting



Section 3. Effectiveness of leadership and management 

  • Increase the potential to further achieve excellent standards of teaching throughout the provision.


  • Extend the already highly focused continuous professional development opportunities that help staff enhance their already good knowledge of teaching and learning.


  • Enhance tracking to include even more detailed analysis of the progress of groups.


  • Include parents' views and opinions in the self-evaluation process to help identify areas to improve.


  • Develop the partnership working with the local schools that older children will attend, supporting their move on to full-time education.


Section 4. Quality of teaching, learning and assessment 

  • Develop a provision map of needs in the setting to identify areas of additional support.
  • To provide outstanding opportunities for children to thrive.
  • All practitioners to deliver consistently outstanding practice.
  • To ensure individual support plans are in place for all EAL children and the setting remains committed to excellence in inclusion.


Section 5. Personal development, behaviour and welfare



Section 7. The overall effectiveness of the early years provision



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