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Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD

Staff training 2017 - 2018

“Providers must support staff to undertake appropriate training and professional development opportunities to ensure they offer quality learning and development experiences for children that continually improves” (Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, 2017 p 21)

Staff Date Training
Jen Keen 10/05/18 Sensory Play for Babies
Barbara Jansen 10/05/18 Sensory Play for Babies
Gwyneth Keen 29/04/18 GDPR
Carol Beard 18/04/18 GDPR
Hannah Watkins-Cave 17/03/18 Prevent/British Values
Jen Keen 17/03/18 Prevent/British Values
Hannah Watkins-Cave 31/01/18 Identifying Emotional and Social Needs
Asma Hasanjee 27/01/18 Food Hygiene
Afeerah Razvi 28/01/18 Food Hygiene
Carol Beard 28/01/18 Health and Safety
Leigh Sladen 27/01/18 Food Hygiene
Fatima Bharoocha 27/01/18 Food Hygiene

Carol Beard


First Aid
Leigh Sladen 29/01/18 First Aid
Hannah Watkins-Cave 11/01/18 Child Protection
Leigh Sladen 7/12/17 Child Protection
Fatima Bharoocha 3/01/18 Active Start
Hannah Watlins-Cave 3/01/18 Active Start
Barbara Jansen 3/01/18 Active Start
Jen Keen  3/01/18 Active Start
Asma Hassanjee 3/01/18 Active Start
Jen Keen 18/11/17 Child Protection
Hannah Watkins-Cave 15/10/17 Awareness of Forced Marriages
Hannah Watkins-Cave 15/10/17 FGM
Afeerah Razvi 15/10/17 First Aid
Hannah Watkins-Cave 8/10/17 Domestic Violence
Hannah Watkins-Cave 8/10/17 Hidden Harm
Hannah Watkins-Cave 8/10/17 Safeguarding Leadership
Hannah Watkins-Cave 8/10/17 Safeguarding Children
Hannah Watkins-Cave 8/10/17 Child Sexual Exploitation
Jen Keen 24/09/17 First Aid

Carol Beard


Fire Warden (Fire Marshal) Training

Carol Beard


Food Hygiene

Hannah Watkins- 22/09/17 Lead Practitioner - Five to thrive

Gwyneth Keen


Lead Practitioner - Five to thrive

Carol Beard 22/09/17 Lead Practitioner - Five to thrive
Jen Keen 3/09/17 Food Hygiene
Hannah Watkins-Cave 22/09/17 Lead Practitioner - Five to thrive
Afeerah Razvi


First Aid

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