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Wonder and Awe

Our teaching and learning approach is based on a child centred holistic approach with an emphasis on participation, democracy, autonomy and freedom. It is a combination of pedagogic approaches' with great emphasis on outdoor practical learning opportunities and healthy related physical sessions which help to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Much of our practice is embedded in the Vygotskian model of the socially constructed child and the Zone of Proximal Development, from this we have developed it in line with a social pedagogy approach. This approach means that at its heart lies a belief that each child deserves to be treated with dignity and possesses unique inner richness and potential, which we can help them unfold. To do so requires meaningful and authentic relationships that enable us to recognize a child’s potential, their qualities, strengths and interests, and to create learning situations in which children and families can experience their resourcefulness and develop new abilities.


It is also at the heart of our interactions with our staffing team.


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"Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow"

David Everett 1769 – 1813


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Forest school




SEND specialist


Dual langugae staff


Daily cooking





We also have

A tortoise called Ted and chickens called Chara, Cheusi and Carol.



























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