Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD - Care and Education for Children Under 5 “Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” David Everett 1769 – 1813
Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD - Care and Education for Children Under 5 “Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” David Everett 1769 – 1813


Absolutely a hidden gem in the middle of Tredworth, always keeping the children motivated and doing different educational activities. my son loves the forest school and all the people who work there. very friendly and nothing is ever to much trouble.“

"A fantastic nursery.... my daughter aged 2 was worrying me with her speech. Since joining Mighty Oaks Little Acorns in Tredworth her speech has come on leaps and bounds and her confidence has improved a lot. From a child who cried on the way in to nursery to a child who doesnt even turn to say goodbye before running into the classroom. Couldn't recommend this nursery enough. Thanks to all staff and especially Mel who has reassured us throughout and encouraged my daughter to excel" xx

"5 star rating! I couldn't recommend Mighty Oaks enough. My son has been to a lot of nurseries and in my opinion this one is by far the best. well done to everyone at Mighty Oaks for all your hard work."

“"Highly recommended!  I couldn’t thank Mighty Oaks Little Acorns enough! They’ve all been amazing and so supportive for myself and my boy, he’s had his struggles and they’ve helped him through them ready for his next chapter in life, These ladies are amazing at what they do I couldn’t be more thankful and I appreciate you all so much, such a loving caring and nurturing environment for any child to be In, they go above and beyond for every single child’s wants and needs, I knew I was making the right decision from the first visit we had and my boy adores all the ladies here!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" ⭐️

"Amazing nursery with fantastic staff. My daughter has loved going to Mighty Oaks, she really enjoyed exploring the natural resources they offer'.

'If you are looking for a brilliant nursery, visit Mighty Oaks Little Acorns - they provide outstanding oportunities for young children. Staff keep you up to date with your childs learning and offer suggestions how you can extend this at home. 

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