Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD - Care and Education for Children Under 5 “Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” David Everett 1769 – 1813
Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD - Care and Education for Children Under 5 “Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” David Everett 1769 – 1813

Welcome to Wild Oaks - Cirencester

Working in conjunction with Springboard Children's Centre

Wild Oaks Early Learning Centre is part of Mighty Oaks Little Acorns LTD and opened in October 2019. We are situated in a purposely designed portacabin. We have two base rooms: Rising 2's  and a Pre-school room. In addition to our two base rooms we also have a fully equipped kitchen area, two offices and access to the family room. We have a fabulous secure outdoor area which includes a newly set up 'Outdoor Learning' area.


Our exciting, vibrant and diverse nursery, is set in a beautiful, warm, welcoming, inner city setting. Each room follows our unique ethos of naturally resourced and high-quality open- ended materials, with an emphasis on outdoor education. At its heart lies a belief that each child deserves to be treated with dignity, possess a unique inner richness and potential, which we can help them unfold. To do so requires meaningful and authentic relationships that enable us to recognize a child’s potential, their qualities, strengths and interests.



Our core values are:

To provide high quality care and education for children in a safe, caring welcoming and stimulating environment, where children can build on their social, Intellectual, emotional, physical and creative development.


To build a partnership with parents that is based on a desire to meet the needs and potential of every child.


To prepare children for their journey into school life, building on their confidence and fostering a joy of learning.


To work in partnership with health and social care to offer greater parental involvement and support.


Young children thrive and their minds and bodies develop best when they have free access to stimulating outdoor environments for learning through play and real experiences.


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